Hi! I'm Ms. Becky and I am an Art Teacher.  

My Teaching Philosophy Statement

Children have an inherent ability for creating art. Art is one of the
most important ways people tell us how they view the world. What it means to be here in this world, at this place and time, may be explored through the works of artists of all ages.
I teach Art from a classical perspective, through exemplification, directed line drawing and concept instruction. In this way, art lessons can be not only successful, but relevant.

As a teacher, I realize that before I teach any subject, I teach who I am - just by the fact of my presence.

Therefore I must be aware of how I think of myself and how I represent myself.

I do not wish to be viewed as an art expert, or a person who definitively knows if an artwork is "good" or "significant". Instead, I am a skilled and enthusiastic facilitator to the students' critical thinking and creating process. I teach that by what is evidenced in Exodus 31, God likes Art;  He is the source of it; He wants man to create beautiful things, and their skill in doing so is from Him.  

Exploring the contribution of diverse artists to the world community opens children's beliefs and encourages pride in being an artist. Art should be studied for its expressive power and its possible historical value. Art is a language of thought that is accessible to all students, not just the talented or well-connected few.

 Through multicultural art education students will learn about relevant “real” worlds outside their own . Teaching non-Western art, European art, and
contemporary art is important because, in some way, it is part of Gods world and plan for everyone's story. One story is needed to understand Gods larger plan.

Through a community of inquiry, students will learn to investigate, question, and judge art based on its beauty and biblically glorifying aspects. Ideally, art should be connected to other academic disciplines. With interdisciplinary studies and collaboration between teachers, students can explore the concept of a cohesive community
interweaving the arts with literature, history, the environment, and much more.


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“Art gives children the opportunity to make their imaginations become reality.”  - Ms. Becky