Abraham Lincoln - A Trendsetter

Abraham Lincoln was quite the trendsetter, and I'm not talking about his choice in hats either! Although wearing a top hat like his was a tradition that carried on through the Kennedy administration.

President Lincoln started a lot of other great traditions too! It was on October 3, 1863, that Mr. Lincoln asked that the last Thursday in November be set aside each year "as a day of  Thanksgiving and Praise." And so, the idea of Thanksgiving was born! "Tom Turkey" is a name that became famous when a turkey was sent to the White House as a gift. Mr.Lincoln's son, Tad, called him Tom. The "Stay of execution" in which the president pardons Tom Turkey each year is a tradition that began when Lincoln answered the plea of Tad in 1863.

But Lincoln had a love of other animals too. The name "Fido" was popularized when Lincoln's floppy eared blonde dog came to stay with him and his family. "Fido" is Latin (Fidelitas) for "faithful." The Lincoln family had other pets that ranged from bunnies to kittens and even goats! Lincoln's boys, Tad and Willie liked to hitch the goats, named Nanny and Nanko to carts or kitchen chairs and had the goats pull them through the White House. And so the reference to the "Nanny Goat" began.

Did Abraham Lincoln have any hobbies? According to an interview with his wife, Mary Todd stated that Mr. Lincolns best-loved hobby was "Cats." He could play with them for hours!

The student's portraits below reflect their new found trivia knowledge about Abraham Lincoln; you will find cats, dogs, goats and many other beautiful things in the backgrounds of these thoughtful portraits!

First and  Second Grade

Third and Fourth Grade

Fifth through Eighth

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