At Solid Rock Christian Academy, we have the ability to approach every subject from a Biblical Worldview. Being that this week was Easter, we may have made a beautiful cross project, but I decided to focus on something a little different. During our usual Monday S.T.E.A.M. lesson I added an "R" for Religion, thus making our acronym S.T.R.E.A.M.! Using the book below I purchased from our Scholastic book fair last fall, we learned all about "Angel facts" in the Bible. The students REALLY liked learning about angels; their jobs, abilities, etc in Heaven AND on Earth. :)  This weeks project was an "abstract angel", abstract means "without concrete substance or meaning", a PERFECT description of angels! The angels below are intended to depict the angel from Matthew 28:2 when Jesus arose from the dead.

These angels were accomplished with a watercolor background and oil pastels for the angel himself. The students were so proud of the their work they asked questions like, "Ms. Becky; You're going to display these right? Are they going on your web site? They should." Yes, they should.

And here they are: The Angels

1 and 2 (Click on picture to see up close)

3 - 4 (Click on picture to see up close)

5th thru 8th Grade