It's History:

Although Ptolemy, a Greek mathematician was the first to take an interest in light reflection and made note that more than one mirror caused multiple images, it wasn't until Sir David Brewster, a scientist born in Edinburgh, Scotland did the Kaleidoscope become a reality. Brewster spent his life studying the principles of light and although his invention of the Kaleidoscope did not make him rich, his practical desire was for it to be a tool to inspire artistic designers; and indeed it has!

Today millions of people around the world enjoy Kaleidoscopes.

Here is a short video on how a Kaleidoscopes operates:

How are Kaleidoscopes made?

There are hundreds of different types of kaleidoscopes but they all have the same basic parts:

Do you want to make a Kaleidoscope of your own? You can using commonly found items at home. Watch how to make yours here: 

Want a slightly more elaborate Kaleidoscope that is still easy to make? You got it! The books below were hand-picked by me for their awesomeness! Many of them are readily available at your local library.

book 6
book 5
book 2
book 1
book 4
book 3