Leaves are falling

Art and Science can go hand in hand when the art is in nature.

The 2nd through 8th grade students learned how to blend yellow, orange and red on a beautiful falling leaf using oil pastels as their medium. The blue, green, turquoise, background adds to the the falling illusion as it makes the leaf appear to "pop" off the page.

Below is a poem I wrote to help the students remember why some leaves are yellow, some leaves are orange, and others are red. It is scientific and fun all in one! 

Leaves are falling
Winter's calling
Time to say goodbye
To summer days
And warmer ways
It's time for leaves to fly
It’s sugar you see
That is in each tree  
That they make leaves orange, yellow and red.
If the sugar’s a lot
You can be sure you’ve got
A becoming leaf, beautifully red
If an orange leaf you see
You know that that tree
Has some sweetness, but less than the red
If the tree leaf is yellow
It is sure my fine fellow
Its sweetness is least of the lot
But orange, yellow or red
It can surely be said
That whether a little or lot
Falls leaves are so pretty
That it is a pity
That they land and are quickly forgot.


2nd and 3rd Grade

4th - 8th Grade