This week we explored the genesis of the "Earth Day" movement that began on April 22, 1970.

The 1st thru 8th grade classes learned about what America was like BEFORE Earth Day and how the "Green" movement helped to clean up America's skies, air, water and soil.

Look below to observe the projects each class accomplished to help celebrate all the good things God created and entrusted their care to us.

The Toucan

Toucans are fascinating and beautiful creatures! They are only one of 5 bird species whose male and females are equally beautiful. For most other species, the male gets the beauty prize. Toucans bills are half the length of their body but are surprisingly light due to fact that they are made out of Keratin, the same thing our hair is made of! Another feature that helps lighten up their snout is that their bills are not solid, but are comprised of compartments that closely resemble honey-comb.

First and Second Grade



There are more than a million different kinds of insects and can be found in every country and on every continent including Antarctica! Many call insects "bugs". But not all insects are bugs. A bug is a kind of insect, but bugs have a mouth shaped like a straw. As with all living things, insects have a life-cycle. They go through a "metamorphasis". They start off life as a larva. Then they graduate to being a pupa (kind of an insect teenager); the pupa then hides in a shell or cocoon. There it changes into an adult.

Yes, that means butterflies are insects!

Third and Fourth Grade

Using a sheet with various body parts for inspiration, the third and fourth grade class invented their own species of insects!

The Red Eyed Tree Frog

These amphibians are arboreal, meaning they spend a lot of time hiding in the trees. These frogs live in tropical lowlands in Central America and northern South America, and though one might think that its bright red eyes and blue and yellow markings would put the amphibian in danger, the crafty frog actually uses its flashy colors to its advantage. To help camouflage their arresting eyes, God gifted them with THREE sets of eyelids!

The Fifth - Eighth Grade

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