Moses in Egypt

This week we learned about Moses being raised as an Egyptian. (Exodus 1:15 - 2:23)

The students and I then studied the Egyptian culture and discovered what the people of Egypt believed. Among other things, they worshiped over 160 god and goddesses. We also learned that the black eyeliner Egyptians are so famous for was originally used to reflect the sun off their faces; just like foot ball players do with the black lines under their eyes.  Over time, this practical use of eyeliner turned more to that of a beauty and religious  focus.

Pre-K thru 1st Grade

The work below was done by our Pre-K thru 1st grade student body. I provided interesting King Tut coloring sheets for our Pre-k'ers; then I led the Kindergarten and First grade classes through a "directed line drawing" assignment in which we folded a long sheet of vanilla, sulphate paper in half lenghtwise. We then drew half of an Egyptian face (in the same way one would draw half a heart on a folded piece of paper and cut it out to make a "symmetrical" heart.) using black oil pastel. We then folded the image in on itself and rubbed the paper until the symmetrical image appeared on the left side of the page. The students then traced over the lines, and colorized the entire work. Their results we AMAZING!



Click an image to see the whole piece