The Seahorse

Inspired by the book pictured right, this past week we studied the wonderful world of Seahorses!

Ranging in height from 1/2 inch to 15 inches, these fun and fascinating creatures rely on their ability to camouflage as a means of defense against predators. They are not fast swimmers, averaging only 5 feet per hour for the smaller of the species. Each eye works independently, similar to lizards. This talent allows them to keep one eye out for predators and the other one out for prey! Like many fish, God made the Daddy Seahorse to play an integral part of the reproduction process. Although the Mommy Seahorse has the eggs, she transfers them to the Daddy seahorses pouch (similar to that of a kangaroo) to protect them for the six weeks it takes for them to hatch. In the book, "Mister Seahorse" by Eric Carle, the author celebrates fathers and shows how important God made daddy's in the sea world as well as own human world.

About the artwork:

The students took two days in creating these watercolor wonders! The first day was spent creating the beautiful painted paper from which their seahorses would be cut from as well as the seascape background where they would swim. They got to choose from "cool" or "warm" color groupings. The second day was spent tracing, cutting and decorating the seahorses themselves and creating a habitat worthy of their seahorse creations!

First and Second Grade

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Third and Fourth Grade

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Fifth Through Eighth

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