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A "Nesting" Riddle!

To add even more fun to this months project, I wrote a rhyming riddle for the students to read and guess what this months project was! Of those students who read it, a nice amount knew our project had to do with birds and nests! Our nest collage provided the students with a multi media experience in which they experimented with texture plates, splatter painting, casual origami, painted textures, artistic balance and planned placement! Check out a few of the students work in the gallery below and take a gander at the poetic riddle I wrote for them!

It comes in like a lion and out like a lamb; Or so the wives' tales say. All that I know is it's windy and cold, And I don't want the cold to stay! The calendar tells us the 20th day, Is the first day of spring, it is true. But the birds know more, About what's in store, Then all of the calendars do. When the birds build their nests, I know they know the best, And spring is well on its way. And It won't be long 'til I hear the song, Of the sweet baby birds, as they say, "I'm here, I've arrived, and I'm ready to live!" "And I'll soon be on my way! But I've growing to do, So until I'm through, In my beautiful nest, I will stay.

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