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Egyptian Cat Coloring Contest Creates Student "Feline Frenzy"

I LOVE giving prizes away! It is a big part of the fun of being a teacher! I began having coloring contests when I was a full-time teacher in Jesup, Georgia; and I decided to continue the fun when I opened my studio in 2018. The last coloring contest I sponsored for my students was in December of 2019. My students chose between "Santa" and "Rudolph".

This time I chose this months theme, "Egypt" for my studio coloring contest. Each student on their arrival received the same supplies and options: an "Egyptian Cat" coloring sheet, markers, colored pencils and 30 minutes to create their entry. The prize; A Vincent Van Goph, Sunflowers kit by "Master Kitz". The students are SO excited! " I have been collecting entries for the past two weeks and will soon post a link where you can vote for your favorite!

Stay tuned to vote soon!

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