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Sunday School Students Strive For Prize

I recently began a Sunday School class for elementary-aged kids at the Main Post Chapel on Fort Knox. I LOVE teaching Sunday School and Children's Church! It provides an additional way to connect with kids and encourage them and their families by providing them with a solid Biblically Based Christian education. When I approached the Parish Council with the idea of a children's Sunday School program, the Chapel Support staff was true to their name! I was given all the support and supplies I felt I needed to provide the chapel families with an excellent Sunday School program! I have a charming little room on the balcony, burgundy carpeting, a 5-tiered bookcase, a large screen TV, brand NEW Bibles, the curriculum of my choice, and even a stained glass window! And, I got to decorate it any way I wished! They even gave me a gorgeous print of "Jesus With The Children."

In the short time since I began the class, I already have three students that come regularly. I enjoy rewarding their efforts in Bible verse memorization! This week's verse is particularly challenging because they only have an open week to memorize it. In contrast, they usually have 3 weeks to learn it. To help motivate them, I gave them an incentive; These THREE prizes: 1. A handmade watercolor notebook (made by me) 2. A handmade Watercolor Bookmark (also made by me) 3. A Cross-Shaped Paper-clip

These kids are MOST excited about the paperclip because it's so unique!

I LOVE teaching these precious little people!

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