Our National Bird: The Eagle

It is a popular belief that Benjamin Franklin petitioned congress to make the Turkey our national bird. Thanksgiving dinner would look very different indeed had this petition been successful. Fortunately the eagle was chosen instead. In November as we learned about the electoral process,  I used a teaching technique called, "Directed Line" drawing to show the students how to draw our national bird, The eagle. We used oil pastels on black art paper.

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1st and 2nd grade

3rd and 4th Grade

5th - 8th Grade

"Duck for President" poster contest!

This years presidential election was like no other! To help impart the importance of exercising our right to vote, each class created a line drawing of "Duck" from the book, "Duck for President" as he campaigned at his podium!We VOTED for the best poster in each class!

Each student received an "I voted today" sticker after they voted! Winners were announced during Art Class on Wednesday, 11/9/16. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners received a ribbon. The first place winner in each class also received their very own copy of "Duck for President" signed my ME!

1st - 2nd Grade

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3rd - 4th Grade

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5th - 8th Grade

And the winners are:

1st and 2nd Grade:

3rd and 4th Grade

5th through 8th

2nd Braxton
3rd Kylie
1st Ella
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Septembers "Artist of the month" is "Henri Matisse".

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Welcome to week #2

This past week the students have been learning about "perspective", "shading" and "expression" while each grade made their version of Matisse's

"Apples On Table Green Background"

(shown here at the right)

Page down to view week #1 - Organic Shapes and Stained glass windows inspired by the Matisse Chapel in France.

1st Grade

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2nd Grade

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3rd Grade


4th Grade

Welcome to our Week #1 Showcase!

This month we are studying the French Artist  "Henri Matisse". Organic shapes,

Drawing with Scissors and his reputation for being a "Wild Beast" with colors are but a few of the things the students have learned thus far! 

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 3 and 4

5th - 8th

These students learned about the Matisse chapel in France: a gift to his friend Monique, a nun who was once his night nurse. His drawings and stained glass designs fill the chapel.The stained glass projects below were inspired from the chapel and Matisse's art work.

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