Wassily KandinskiThe Father of Abstract Art

This month's "Art Camp" is special in that it marks a turning point in which I began designing our project to coordinate with my monthly "Art Smart" articles in the News Enterprise newspaper on the 4th Wednesday of every month just beneath the showcased "Wednesday's Woman" article.


Over the past 7 months I have written about the 7 Elements of Art. This month I will begin a new series entitled, "Let's Meet the Masters" in which readers can learn about an art "master" by reading a short  biography and then have the opportunity to explore each master further by clicking on links I provide to great online resources! 

This month I will write about the Russian artist, Wassily Kandinski, the "father" of abstract art! This book, "the Noisy Paintbox touches on Kandinski's rare and wonderful condition, called synaesthesia, a harmless condition that allows a person to appreciate sounds, colours or words with two or more senses simultaneously. In his case, colours and painted marks triggered particular sounds or musical notes and vice versa. The project to the right is celebrated Kandinski's love of music AND color!  See the students work below; they had a wonderful time and did a beautiful job! 

the noisy paintbox book cover.jpg

Click the button below to go to the Hardin County Public Library web site to take out this wonderful book OR you can take out the e-book too using the Overdrive app!