Sweet Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit was named after a pet rabbit whom Beatrix Potter had as a child, and whom she called Peter Piper. The first Peter Rabbit story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was originally created in 1893 as a letter to Noel Moore, the five-year-old son of Potter's former governess, Annie Moore.

I felt there was no better way to celebrate the coming of Spring than for the Art Camp kids to draw the most famous spring bunny himself, Peter Rabbit! 

Our very own Hardin County public library has SO many wonderful books and videos about Peter and his adventures!

Click on Peter in the blue jacket below and you will be whisked away to the Hardin County Public Library to see all the books and videos at our library about this forever famous bunny! 

peter rabbit.jpg
Bunny picture.jpg

Look what we made; Peter Rabbit

These students ranged in age from Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

They worked so hard and achieved wonderful results!

NOTE: I shared with the students today that another art teacher I know said that she

doubted if students this age could accomplish this project.

One little girl summed up the feeling of the whole class when she said,

"We did it Ms.Becky! We showed that silly art teacher didn't we!"

Yes, you did. You showed her. 

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