Sponge Painted

Polar Bears!

What fun!

Click here to watch a "cool" Polar Bear Video on YouTube!

Polar Bear's are even "Cooler" than you think!

Did you know:

1. A Polar Bears "fur" isn't white but transparent so the sun can penetrate the fur and be absorbed by their black skin to keep their bodies warm.

2. Polar Bears are EXCELLENT swimmers!

3. Their paws and around 12 inches large, and flat which make them perfect for paddling in the water.

4. Polar Bears can grow up to 8 feet tall and weigh over 1,760 pounds!

5. Sponge paint makes a Grrrrr-eat way to make polar bear pictures!

About these works of art:

The students used a dark blue sulphite paper and sponged on a beautiful combination of arctic white and turquoise paints for a stunning background effect for their Polar Bear collage. The bears themselves began as violet colored sulphite paper and when the arctic white paint met the violet paper, a wonderful stippled, 3D effect was accomplished. 

Click on a work below to view up close.