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What is Art Camp?

"Art Camp"" is sponsored by the Hardin County Public Library; a program in which students create one art project a month. Generally, projects coordinate with the season or holiday in that month. All supplies are provided.

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When is art camp?

For your convenience, I have Art Camp each Monday @ 2 times:

10:00 - 11:00 a.m. for Home-School students and

3:30 - 4:30 p.m. for Private and Public Schooled students

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Who can come to art camp?

Art Camp is for children in Kindergarten (or age 6) through fifth grade for public and private school students, OR Kindergarten through 8th grade for home-school students.

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Why must my student be kindergarten or older to attend?

Projects can, at times, be somewhat elaborate. Due to time constraints & class size, teacher assistance is minimal. Students younger than Kindergarten may get frustrated or need more help than time can allow.

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How much is Art Camp?


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How do i sign up for art camp?

Sign up in person at the children’s desk; If the children’s desk is unattended, please sign up at the front desk. 

Students sign up for ONE Monday (per month) 

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May i drop off my student and pick them up when it's done?

No. For your students safety and consideration, and in case of emergencies, adults must stay inside the Children’s Corner part of the library during class time.