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I am Ms. Becky; an art teacher for all ages and monthly newspaper columnist for the News Enterprise in Elizabethtown, Kentucky! In addition to the FREE Art Camps I teach at the Hardin County Public library and Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, I also teach semi-private lessons from my home studio.
My Art Camps were designed to be a place for discovery and learning!
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Children have an inherent ability for creating art. As an Art teacher I am a skilled and enthusiastic facilitator to the students' critical thinking and creating process. Art is a language of thought that is accessible to all students, not just the talented or well-connected few.

​Child development professional Grace Lynch revealed in her article, The Importance of Art in Child Development, that motor skills, language development and inventiveness are essential developmental skills children receive when given formal training in the arts.  She also found that visual learning, cultural awareness and improved academic proficiency are benefits within a good Arts program.

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The Importance of Art in Your Child's Life