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Class Information & Frequently Asked Questions

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What ages Do Your Class Begin? - How Long Are Your Lessons? - How Much Do They Cost? 

-My classes are specifically designed for ages 6 and up. Due to the complexity of some projects, most younger students would be frustrated with 

  the skill requirements of many of my projects. Although some very talented younger students exist, I needed to make a policy that met the needs

  of the majority of my students. 

-All my lessons are 2 hours long and cost $40 per lesson, per student. 

-Cash or check only (please make check payable to "Becky Anderson)

-Payment is due at the time of the lesson.  

What Kind Of Projects Do You Make?

-To get a good idea of the type of projects we generally do, click HERE to see my "Cool Stuff We've Created" blogs posts. You can also visit my Instagram page HERE to see even more things we've created! -

-Most of my projects are "flat" for easy storage. I mark each project with the project name, students name, age, and date for posterity. :)

-I keep what we make each month as a surprise, but by seeing what we've made in the past, you will get a good idea of the types of projects we do each month.

What To Expect:


- Each of my lessons are "project based"; meaning, there is a general expected outcome from each of my projects, but there are many style and artistic choices for students to make within each project.

-I use a wide variety of high quality mediums including: Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels, Watercolors, Tempera Paint, Acrylics, Ink, Graphite, etc. to provide the students an opportunity to gain experience with as many mediums as possible.

-I supply everything needed to accomplish every project. There is no need to bring anything to a lesson.

-Each month we have a "theme" and I incorporate things like, literature, videos, activity sheets etc, to enhance each months theme and learning!

What To Bring?

Nothing! Just yourself in clothes that you don't mind getting messy! Although I supply students with an art apron, I highly advise students come dressed in old clothes.  It is very likely that paint, chalk etc. will get on their clothes somewhere and somehow during the creative process! :) 

Class Size:

-I used to teach medium-sized classes (up to 8 students at a time), but during COVID, I went to private lessons. With private lessons, I could give each student more individualized attention. I can pour my "he-ART" into each sweet soul and give them the best opportunity to grow their potential!

NOTE: With the birth of my NEW granddaughter, Evangeline, in August of 2022, I need to keep my schedule very flexible to meet the needs of my son, his wife, and my sweet granddaughter, who live 1600 miles away. With that need in mind, I have chosen to teach one week a month instead of two and combine my students to that being "semi-private" versus private lessons, not to exceed three students per time slot thus ensuring the quality of my lesson instruction time with each student. 

Drop Off/Pick Up OR Stick Around:


-For your convenience drop off and pick up are in my driveway and we enter through the garage. 

-OR, you can stick around! I have a very comfortable guest area for parents/guardians to sit and wait during a lesson. I have a Keurig machine with complimentary tea and coffee options. 


-Many times I provide a snack for us to take a break during a lesson. Usually it's my "famous popcorn" (as many of my students call it), but I sometimes have "special" snacks too; like cut out cookies to decorate or "themed" snacks that coordinate with the project.

-The point of snack time is to allow projects to dry, If needed, during various stages of the project. Other times, if we're doing a particularly detailed project, we may need a "brain break" and a snack helps us recharge!


Cancellation Policy:

--Please let me know as soon as possible if your student needs to skip a lesson. If you miss two lessons in a row, I will fill your slot with someone

   from my wait list to fill your spot; your name will then go on my wait list.  

For additional questions please contact me @

Do you offer sibling or military discounts?

-Being that my husband served in the military and retired after 30 years, I appreciate the discounts offered to those who have served and currently serve. I also appreciate those families with multiple students who wish to benefit from quality art instruction, but are on a budget. With that being said, I decided that instead of offering discounts to a choice few, I would simply keep my prices low and affordable in order to serve as many families as possible. 

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