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About Ms. Becky

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Hi! I'm Ms. Becky!

Thank you so much for visiting my website!

I began my teaching career as a homeschool mom during our 23 years in the military. I fell in love with teaching. I had found my life's calling! As my husband approached retirement and our son entered college, I went back to school and became an elementary school teacher.  

As a teacher in a private Christian School in southern Georgia, I had the opportunity to teach everything from whole grade studies to Latin, Poetry, Math and Art! In my spare time I wrote monthly art articles for the local newspaper. In 2016 I was asked to teach 5 workshops at the "Georgia  Association of Christian Schools" annual training conference where I had the privilege of training 150 Christian School Art teachers on ways to teach art! 

I would have stayed at that school forever had God not called my husband to his present job at Fort Knox, near where we now live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Once I reached Kentucky, God then called me to be a children's librarian at our local public library, where I also taught free art classes. I continued to write art articles for then two newspapers, one of which was Elizabethtown's own, "News Enterprise". As my classes grew in popularity, more and more people requested that I teach lessons in my home. After much encouragement I opened my home-studio; in October of 2019.

I have enjoyed filled classes ever since! 

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher of 18 years, I realize that I first teach who I am before I teach any subject. Therefore I must be aware of how I think of myself and represent myself. I do not wish to be viewed as an art expert or someone who definitively knows if the artwork is "good" or "significant." Instead, I am a skilled and enthusiastic facilitator of your student's critical thinking and creating process. My art lessons are not just about the end product. Through literature, music, short videos, engaging presentations, and more, your student is given the opportunity to not only create an engaging piece of art, they actively participate with each theme through whole learning! In other words, they not only "make" art, but they also get to "experience" art! 

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