December 2022

Becky in wreath left.png
 December is going to be quite a special month indeed!
I have planned a beautiful vintage project for us to create! 

    The November and December schedule look a bit different than in the past due to the holiday schedule and our family travel plans.
This means December classes will take place December 15th through the 21st. 

NOTE: The third Wednesday of each month I have reserved for me to volunteer for a super cool organization! You can read more about each service project  I get to do in my "Serving the Community" Section of my blog  HERE  as they occur. 

Classes do not exceed 3 students. Please see available spots below and contact me, Ms. Becky @ IloveTeachingYourKids@Gmail.Com to sign up your student for the one open time or to get on my waitlist.

Please Note:
Available spots below does not mean there isn't a wait list. It merely means the spots available did not meet the needs of that family and they are on the wait list for a particular day and time.
I currently have 23 students on my wait list for particular days and times and if a specific day and time becomes available, the family on my waitlist will be given first priority. Thank you so much for your understanding.    
December 2022 available spots.jpg.png