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"Glorified Babysitting" Instead, Glorifies God!

Most people see Children's Church (the time in the service when the kids are released from the adult and sent to a separate location to learn their own lesson) as "Glorified Babysitting." Unfortunately, this is many times true. With inconsistent attendance and never knowing how long the sermon will last in the "Adult church," children's church has been a place for Christian-themed, fun activities rather than a place for theology-based lessons. Sunday School is indeed a more appropriate venue for theology lessons. Still, most parents find our Sunday School times of 9:30 a.m. too early.

I knew if it was possible to provide theology AND fun simultaneously, I would have to think creatively! As I perused my Bible curriculum, I happened upon my "Names of God" book! My plan fell into place! Each week I provide each student with a premade template with ample space to write. I then teach the students a new decorative font for that week's "name for God." We then move to the "decoration station," where the students add their own touches to personalize their plaque. I teach a biblical account of how/why that particular name is used.

Check out the excellent work for (Elohim), pronounced: "Ehl Oh Heem."

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