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Primo Prize Machine!

Giving gifts and prizes is fun in itself for me, but it gets CRAZY fun when I put those same prizes in a plastic capsule and place that capsule in an encased contraption that takes a quarter!

I have always wanted a vending machine. Some time ago I bought a claw machine that seemed like a great idea, but the dumb thing had too many quirks to be fun. So, in the end, I tossed it in the trash. But this great toy and trinket tank puts the "Va-voom" in "vending"!

This sweet girl was my very first student when I opened three years ago. It was a real treat for her to be be the very first student to get a prize! My husband Bill filled all the capsules with three prizes; a unique eraser, an pencil sharpener, and either a crazy ball, or a piece of candy! I put about 50 quarters in a bag and gave each student one to get a prize. All the students thought it was SUPER cool and are looking forward to getting another one THIS month!

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