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We're "In The Club"

I am excited to announce that our son, Robby, and his beautiful wife, Gabriela, have graciously provided my husband Bill and me with our ticket to the most awesome club in the world! The Grandparents Club!

Evangeline Raquel Rosemary Anderson arrived a month early, on August 26th at 6:33 a.m. Our beautiful little sweetie may have come into the world as a preemie, weighing only 5 pounds 5 ounces and 18 inches long, but she already smiles and knows her momma and daddy, as evidenced by the joyful look on her when they hold her and talk to her!

I refuse to be the grandma that bores people to DEATH with the "latest and the greatest" photos of their grandkids, but I will make an exception today as it is my FRIST photo to share!

Here is my sweet girl, and, at only three days, had already established a "sleeping position," and I laughed so hard to see her wearing a little sleep mask! She looks like she's in a Day Spa having a relaxing time! Ha! I love her already!

So many people have asked how I wish to be addressed by my granddaughter. There are a gazillion new names for Grandmas these days, but I LOVE the simple name "Grandma". However, if sweet Evangeline comes up with another name for me, I'm all for it, but, otherwise, Grandma is who I will be!

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