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"BIG" Changes To My "Little" Studio

I am very excited to announce that October 17th, 2022, will mark the end of my third full year in business! Like most other small businesses, Covid closed me down for almost a full year. I am grateful that my little Art Studio is not the primary income for our family, for I would be whistling a different tune if it were. As it is, the "break" allowed me a comfortable amount of time to assess how I did things. I got to try my hand at video making and teach free Zoom lessons.

Once I reopened in September 2021, the most noticeable improvement was my class size. During my break, I noticed that each student could learn and focus SO much better when they were with me alone during our lesson time versus multiple students at a time. I decided the best learning environment for my students would be private study, which makes perfect sense! Because I do not suffer nearly the overhead of other Art Studios, I have the luxury of prioritizing the student over my income. Thank you, God! I then decided not to increase my lesson price until January 2023. Even then, it will only go up $5.

Another significant change occurred when I changed how my classroom was situated. The idea happened when we removed a considerable corner cabinet from our main bathroom. I realized it would be beneficial to have some storage space in the classroom. A little sanding and altering were necessary, but our handyman, Danny, was AMAZING! He got it in place, lickety-split! However, once the cabinet was in place: we needed to move everything else, and I ended up re-doing the entire room! Ha! But the work was worth it! It looks SO much better.

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