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Christmas Card Class is a HIT with Willow Creek Residents

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I love volunteering at the Willow Creek Retirement Center! I had planned this Christmas Card class for November, but alas, I came down with Covid for the very first time! Fortunately it was the most recent mild version, so I was mostly tired with a low grade fever; but it kept me from being able to go and teach the great folks at Willow Creek! So-o-o I was sure to reschedule this month in enough time for the residents to make their cards and get them i the mail in time for Christmas! Dorothy, Debra, Claudia, Ginny, and Carol are my "regulars". But this time I had two NEW students; Janie and Melvin! We had such a nice time together! These folks are fast becoming a big highlight of my month!

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