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Homeschool Kick-off Kids Create "Watercolor Wonders"!

Homeschooling can be awesome!! We homeschooled our only son for 11 years and I loved it! As such, I am a huge proponent of homeschooling and desire to do what I can in encouraging and support those parents who have chosen to educate their children at home.

I recently had such an opportunity when I was invited to host a table to promote my art studio at Elizabethtown's "Faith homeschool" co-op, kick-off celebration! In addition to displaying samples of many projects we've done in the past, I wanted to do provide a special activity for the kids of the co-op to do too! We created "Cracked Glass", watercolor bookmarks with one of my very favorite, unique, watercolor techniques. As a finishing touch to their useful art project, I provided an array of beautiful colored silk bookmark tassels for them to choose from!

To my delight and amazement, I had 72 kids make bookmarks in a mere 90 minutes! It was kind of crazy, even with the 4 stations I had set up. Wow! But, I had such fun encouraging parents and talking with the kids. It was quite an evening indeed!

And, as a BONUS, I got to wear my brand new, handmade by me, "Art With Ms. Becky" logo t-shirt!

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