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"Walter" the Watercolor Lion

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

YouTube is an AWESOME free resource for learning how to do almost anything! While in college, some professors even recommended YouTube videos to complement their lessons. There are SO many great YouTubers out there, but I must admit it takes some time to sift through to find the "gems" out there! Fortunately, you have ME to do some of the hard work for you! Ha! Today's Free Resource gem comes to us from the "Let's Make Art" company!

Not only does this company have a lot of great free YouTube tutorials that require minimal art supplies, they also have a website where you can buy complete kits! They even offer monthly subscription kits too! I don't have any affiliation with them, but I won't lie to you; there have been quite a few kits that I have wanted to buy. I even strongly considered their monthly subscription because their kits are just that neat!

Click the picture below to go to the "Let's Make Art" channel, where you can make a beautiful Watercolor Lion!

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