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Binders and Bookmarks, and Notebooks Oh My!!

No matter how you feel about a new school year, few people disagree that school supplies are one the best things about back-to-school shopping! Many neat expressive pencil boxes, folders, notebooks, lunch boxes, pens, pencils, crayons, and markers are available! Most of these items didn't exist when I was a kid. But, even now, with all that is available, it is sometimes a challenge to find something I really like or expresses the "true" me!

Last year, my students were first introduced to the idea of making some of their own school supplies or personalizing their own school supplies. Many admitted that they were excited at the thought, although they had NO idea exactly what we would be doing. But, they trusted me and knew that it would be, in any case, FUN! And it was!

My students from last year requested we make them again this year, so we did! Everyone LOVED it!

Using watercolor and the "cracked glass" technique, the students each created a cover for a 3-ring binder, a mini-composition book, a bookmark, AND a glass pencil cup!

Before we started mixing colors willy-nilly, we learned about the "Color Wheel," how it works and how to use it! After we covered Primary, Secondary, and Intermediate colors, we delved into "Complimentary Colors"! We learn why they work well together in one way but not another!

It was then time to choose THREE colors to accomplish their school supply set! Few chose simple "Warm" or "Cool" colors. Most went WILD and took chances like I encouraged them to do! They trusted me to save them in the end, so each was willing to get wild and take BIG chances with their color choices!

I invited the guardians of my students to make, along with their students, the same projects, free of charge. My intention was simply to bless the guardians and their children with the memory of time spent together creating a practical, lasting project.

Here is a "Start to Finish" photo set of my very last student of thee month! I have such an appreciation for her sincere enthusiasm!

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