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FREE Warm Winter Bear Class!

During Covid I offered many FREE Zoom classes. It kept me busy, it kept kids busy, and it helped parents keep their sanity! Since reopening, I have been busy, busy, busy; but as it happens, we had a bunch od free time in Thanksgiving day! So, I thought it would be neat to offer my current students a FREE Zoom class on Thanksgiving day! I had 7 kids (a couple parents too) join me at 3 p.m. and we made a super cute, "Warm Winter Bear" project! Here is a link to the recording of the class in case you would like to make it too!

Supplies needed:

Paper - Pencil - Something to color the project with. Such as: Crayons, Watercolors, Markers, - Black permanent marker.

Passcode: a=0CM7%E

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