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Snowy Landscapes

Updated: Feb 13

Every January, I take the opportunity to teach about SNOW and the man who discovered that every snowflake is a "unique masterpiece of design."

We perused his book, "Snwoflakes In Photographs," and learned about his simple life that profoundly impacted the worldwide science and art communities. We then created an awe-inspiring project entitled "Snow Forest." We learned how to double load your brush, what analogous colors are, and how to find them on a color where and use them in art projects! We learned the definition of a landscape and how to choose color schemes! At snack time, I made each student a super fun cookie cup filled with a whipped cream "snowball" and decorated with beautiful food glitter! It was quite the hit!

After all that, we proceeded downstairs to the studio and created these beautiful "Snow Forests" using our learned techniques. The students did some fantastic work and enjoyed themselves! Me too!

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